Pylos: A Deceptively Simple Two-Player Game

Pylos is a two-player abstract game that promises an exciting race to be the first to place their final sphere at the top of the shared pyramid of wooden balls on the board. Designed by David Royffe and published by Gigamic, Pylos seems to offer a straightforward and engaging gameplay experience.

Upon closer inspection, the rules of Pylos are indeed simple, to the point where one can grasp the entire game just by looking at the picture on the box. However, the simplicity of Pylos may also be its downfall. While there is room for strategic maneuvering to force your opponent into unfavorable positions or block their moves, the gameplay ultimately feels monotonous. Skilled players will often be able to prevent any advantageous moves from being made, much like in Tic-Tac-Toe. Once you understand the game mechanics, Pylos begins to play itself without offering any surprises or unique challenges.

Comparatively, Quarto, another abstract game from Gigamic, manages to succeed where Pylos falls short. The complexity of Quarto’s board state adds an element of mental gymnastics, making it harder for players to keep track of all the available moves and potentially leading to mistakes. In Pylos, however, the simplicity of the game leaves nothing to the imagination, as the light and dark colored balls don’t hide any strategic surprises.

Furthermore, the production quality of Pylos leaves much to be desired. While the sturdy board and solid wooden pieces are commendable, the design of the game’s components is flawed. The balls are meant to fit neatly in the carved channel around the edge of the board, but in reality, they often do not fit properly. This results in frequent ball displacements or even loss during gameplay. Additionally, the game’s packaging occupies a standard-sized box, which feels wasteful considering it is essentially a 3D version of Tic-Tac-Toe.

In conclusion, while Pylos may initially seem like an intriguing two-player game, it ultimately falls short of delivering a satisfying gaming experience. Its simplicity and lack of surprises make it a pass for seasoned players, and the production flaws only add to the disappointment. Players seeking a more engaging and strategic experience should explore other abstract games, such as Shobu.

Pylos是一种双人抽象游戏,承诺一个激动人心的比赛,第一个把自己的最终球放在共享金字塔的顶部。由David Royffe设计并由Gigamic出版,Pylos似乎提供了一个简单而有趣的游戏体验。





1. Pylos:一种双人抽象游戏,玩家需要赛跑将自己的最终球放在共享金字塔的顶部。
2. abstract game:抽象游戏,以简化的规则和抽象的形式为主。
3. Gigamic:Gigamic是一家出版社,出版各种棋盘游戏和抽象游戏。
4. mental gymnastics:思维训练,指用于解决问题或进行推理的复杂的思维过程。
5. strategic maneuvering:战略机动,指为了达到某种目标而采取的巧妙的行动。
6. Tic-Tac-Toe:井字游戏,双方轮流在3×3的棋盘上放置自己的符号,首先连成一条线者获胜。
7. Quarto:一种抽象游戏,与Pylos类似但更复杂,具有更多的可行棋步。

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