Glyphica: Typing Survival – A Keyboard Mastery Challenge

Glyphica: Typing Survival is set to grace the Steam platform this summer, offering gamers a unique and thrilling survival roguelike experience. Developed by aliasBLACK, the game puts players’ typing skills to the test as they unleash devastating attacks on their foes. With hundreds of upgrade combinations and a modern aesthetic, Glyphica is poised to captivate gamers around the world.

Unlike other typing games on the market, such as Epistory or Textorcist, Glyphica forgoes additional mechanics like character movement in favor of focusing solely on typing proficiency. The game extracts depth from the timing and accuracy of typed phrases, challenging players to eliminate enemies and spawn helpful bonuses in the relentless onslaught.

What sets Glyphica apart from its survival roguelike counterparts is its minimalist aesthetics and soothing soundtrack. Departing from the sensory overload and chaotic visuals often associated with the genre, Glyphica offers a visually pleasing experience that allows players to immerse themselves fully in the world of typing survival.

In addition to its unique gameplay, Glyphica introduces a special controller mode. Players can enjoy the game from the comfort of their couches by translating words into quicktime sequences when using a controller or the upcoming Steam Deck. This innovative feature adds another layer of excitement and accessibility to the game, ensuring hours of entertainment for players of all preferences.

Glyphica: Typing Survival is scheduled for release in the summer of 2024, promising an unforgettable journey for gamers craving a challenge that tests their keyboard mastery. Get ready to unleash devastation with your fingertips and embark on an action-packed adventure like no other. Can you survive the typing frenzy that awaits you in Glyphica?

Glyphica: Typing Survival(《字形:打字求生》)将于今年夏天登陆Steam平台,为玩家提供独特而惊险的生存类地牢冒险游戏体验。该游戏由aliasBLACK开发,考验玩家的打字能力,并让其释放毁灭性的攻击以对敌人造成伤害。拥有数百种升级组合和现代化的美学风格,Glyphica定能吸引全球玩家。



除了其独特的游戏玩法,Glyphica还引入了特殊的控制器模式。玩家可以通过将单词转化为快速时间序列来使用控制器或即将推出的Steam Deck在沙发上舒适地享受游戏。这一创新特性为游戏增添了更多的刺激和可访问性,为所有玩家提供了数小时的娱乐。