The Walking Dead: Surrounded—A Compact Survival Experience in the Zombie Apocalypse

Button Shy Games and Skybound Tabletop have joined forces to bring fans a thrilling and compact game experience with The Walking Dead: Surrounded. In this 18-card game, players will embark on a cooperative journey, fighting off Walkers and striving for survival in a world overrun by the undead.

Drawing inspiration from the acclaimed comic series by Robert Kirkman, The Walking Dead: Surrounded allows 1-4 players to work together to maintain a delicate balance between fighting off the Walkers and managing the powerful Leaders. The game transports players into the challenges faced by survivors during a zombie apocalypse, all confined within the size of a small wallet.

Each turn introduces a new card that expands the ever-growing map. One side of the card reveals a new Location, presenting unique rules and opportunities for players to score points and gather valuable resources. The flip side showcases a set of 4 Occupants, including Survivors who assist in scavenging and earning points, as well as influential Leaders who can significantly impact the gameplay.

Strategic placement of Locations and Occupants is crucial to keep the Walkers under control and maintain balance among the Leaders. Players must also make the most of their limited resources and strive to fulfill scenario goals to ensure the survival of the human race.

Skybound’s VP of Licensing & Partnerships, Garima Sharma, expressed excitement for this new addition to The Walking Dead franchise, stating that Button Shy Games’ compact card game offers an immersive experience for fans. The Walking Dead: Surrounded is not only the core game but also includes an expansion called Under Siege, providing new mercenary Occupants, Locations, scenarios, and scoring conditions to enhance replayability.

Available for purchase via Button Shy Games, The Walking Dead: Surrounded and its expansion Under Siege offer an affordable option for fans to dive into the world of The Walking Dead and test their survival skills against the relentless undead. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the zombie apocalypse in a compact and thrilling way!

Button Shy Games和Skybound Tabletop携手合作,为粉丝们带来了一个令人兴奋且紧凑的游戏体验 – 《行尸走肉:包围》。在这款18张卡牌游戏中,玩家将踏上一个合作的旅程,在一个被丧尸占领的世界中与行尸搏斗,争取生存。

《行尸走肉:包围》受到了Robert Kirkman著名漫画系列的影响,允许1-4个玩家共同努力,保持击退行尸并管理强大的领导者之间的微妙平衡。这款游戏将玩家置身于丧尸启示录中幸存者们面临的挑战中,而且游戏尺寸也仅限于一张小钱包大小。



Skybound的副总裁Garima Sharma对于这款新作加入《行尸走肉》系列感到兴奋,他表示Button Shy Games的紧凑卡牌游戏为粉丝们提供了一种沉浸式的体验。《行尸走肉:包围》不仅是核心游戏,还包括一个名为“围困中”的扩展,为玩家提供了新的雇佣占据者、位置、情节和记分条件,增强了可重玩性。

通过Button Shy Games购买,玩家们可以以合理的价格购买《行尸走肉:包围》及其扩展“围困中”,在《行尸走肉》的世界中尽情探索,并考验他们对抗无情的丧尸的生存技能。不要错过这个以紧凑和激动人心的方式体验丧尸启示录的机会!

Some key terms or jargon used in the article:
– Walkers (行尸): Refers to the undead, or zombies, in The Walking Dead series.
– Leaders (领导者): Influential characters in the game who can significantly impact the gameplay.
– Locations (位置): Areas on the game map that have unique rules and opportunities for players.
– Occupants (占据者): Characters found on the flip side of the cards, including Survivors and mercenary Occupants who assist in scavenging and earning points.
– Scenario goals (情节目标): Objectives or tasks that players need to fulfill in order to ensure the survival of the human race.

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