Northfield Public Library Introduces Board Game Collection and Game Nights

Northfield Public Library is set to become a hotspot for board game enthusiasts. Starting this month, the library will offer a collection of around 20 modern board games that patrons can check out. Tyler Gardner, the Library’s Emerging Technology Librarian, expressed excitement about the new addition, stating that these games offer a more sophisticated and enjoyable gaming experience compared to traditional classics like Monopoly or Parcheesi.

In order to ensure that all game pieces are accounted for, the library has implemented a system to prevent loss. Special containers have been acquired to store the smaller game components, and a precise scale will be used during the check-in process. Gardner explained that if the weight of a game is off by a certain amount, staff will know to investigate any missing pieces.

The library has not yet finalized the duration for which games can be checked out, but it will likely span between one and three weeks. With this new collection, the Northfield Public Library aims to create a space where board game enthusiasts can come together, enjoy exciting and immersive gameplay experiences, and connect with fellow players.

In addition to the introduction of the board game collection, the library plans to host regular game nights, inviting community members to gather, socialize, and enjoy friendly competition. Whether visitors are new to board gaming or seasoned players, the library hopes to provide an inclusive environment that caters to all interests and skill levels.

Northfield Public Library encourages community members to explore its board game collection and take advantage of this new opportunity for entertainment and connection.








– Emerging Technology Librarian:新兴技术图书馆员,担任图书馆中负责新技术方面事务的人员。
– Monopoly:《大富翁》是一种传统的桌面策略游戏,主题是购买和出售虚构房地产。
– Parcheesi:《印度跳棋》是一种家庭桌游,源自印度。