New Family-Friendly Board Game, “Granny Quest,” Hits the Shelves

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (GOOD THINGS UTAH) — Callie Doxey and Valeri Jones, two brilliant minds behind Fry Sauce Games, are thrilled to unveil their latest creation, a family-friendly board game called “Granny Quest.” Drawing inspiration from their deep-rooted friendship and varying gaming preferences within their close-knit circle, the duo embarked on a mission to develop a game that caters to both ardent strategy gamers and casual party-style players, effectively filling the gap in the market for 8-player board games.

Hailing from Utah, the home of Fry Sauce Games, the company takes its name from the beloved regional condiment and comprises a team of fervent individuals dedicated to crafting captivating board games. “Granny Quest” is designed for 2-8 players, boasting simple mechanics, grandma-themed gameplay that is sure to bring a smile to your face, and strategic elements that will engross players of all ages. Imagine the excitement of a “battleship” game intertwined with relatable humor that can be enjoyed by everyone in the family, from occasional participants to seasoned gamers.

Exciting news for board game enthusiasts: “Granny Quest” is now available on Kickstarter starting from February 6, 2023. To show your support for this extraordinary project, simply scan the QR code displayed during the segment or visit Fry Sauce Games’ website and their social media channels @frysaucegames for further information.

Get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure with “Granny Quest” – a delightful game that brings families and friends together for hours of fun, laughter, and friendly competition.

盐湖城,犹他州(GOOD THINGS UTAH) – Callie Doxey和Valeri Jones是Fry Sauce Games背后的两位聪明人,他们非常高兴地推出了他们最新的创作 – 一款名为“Granny Quest”的家庭友好型桌游。这个团队从他们深厚的友谊和他们亲密的圈子中各种不同的游戏偏好中吸取灵感,开始了一个使狂热的策略玩家和轻松聚会风格玩家都满意的游戏项目,有效地填补了8人桌游这一市场上的空白。

这家公司来自犹他州,是Fry Sauce Games之家。它的名字取自受人喜爱的地区调料,并由一支全情投入的团队组成,致力于制作吸引人的桌游。“Granny Quest”设计给2-8名玩家,拥有简单的机制,以祖母为主题的游戏玩法,一定能给您带来笑容,以及能够吸引所有年龄段的玩家的策略元素。想象一下,“战舰”游戏的刺激与与人相关的幽默相结合,让从偶尔参与者到资深玩家的所有家庭成员都可以享受。

对于桌游爱好者来说,有个好消息:“Granny Quest”将于2023年2月6日在Kickstarter上开始众筹。要支持这个非凡的项目,只需扫描在片段中显示的二维码,或者访问Fry Sauce Games的网站和他们的社交媒体频道(@frysaucegames)获取更多信息。

准备好与“Granny Quest”一起踏上一段难忘的冒险之旅吧 – 这是一款令人愉快的游戏,可以让家人和朋友们在数小时的乐趣,欢笑和友好竞争中团结在一起。


1. 问题:Granny Quest是什么类型的游戏?
答案:Granny Quest是一款家庭友好型桌游,适合2-8名玩家。游戏拥有简单的机制,以祖母为主题的游戏玩法,同时融合了策略性元素。

2. 问题:该游戏适合哪种类型的玩家?
答案:Granny Quest适合热衷于策略游戏和轻松聚会风格游戏的玩家。无论是偶尔参与者还是资深玩家,都能够享受这款游戏。

3. 问题:Granny Quest何时可用?
答案:从2023年2月6日开始,Granny Quest将在Kickstarter上进行众筹。可以扫描二维码或访问Fry Sauce Games的网站和社交媒体频道(@frysaucegames)来获取更多信息。

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