Jumping into Dressrosa: A New Adventure with MONOPOLY®: One Piece Edition

Fans of the iconic anime series One Piece have a thrilling new way to engage with their favorite characters. The Op Games, a renowned board game and puzzle publisher, has launched a brand-new official version of the world’s most popular family board game – MONOPOLY®: One Piece Edition. This exciting collaboration between The Op Games and Hasbro brings the beloved Manga turned anime series to life in tabletop form.

In MONOPOLY®: One Piece Edition, players can immerse themselves in the world of Dressrosa as they join the Straw Hat Crew on a new adventure. Divided into three dynamic teams, the Factory Destruction & Samurai Rescue Team, the Caesar Delivery Team, and the Thousand Sunny Guard Team, players can assemble powerful alliances and create their own unique strategies. Iconic characters from the series, such as Franky, Kinemon, Fighting Bull, and Leo, can be bought, sold, and traded to form the most formidable team.

The game features a custom gameboard adorned with the Straw Hat Crew and nine special tokens representing beloved characters like Monkey D. Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Robin, and Brook. With Chest (Community Chest) and Flag (Chance) cards adding twists and surprises, players must be prepared for unexpected turns throughout their journey.

“We’re thrilled to offer fans a new and adventurous way to connect with the characters they love,” said Dane Chapin, CEO at The Op. With the series running for nearly 25 years, it has become a beloved franchise enjoyed across multiple generations. MONOPOLY®: One Piece Edition is a tribute to this enduring series.

Suitable for two to six players aged eight and up, MONOPOLY®: One Piece Edition challenges players to form alliances, collect the custom game money based on the Beri currency, and strategize their way to victory. The game is now available for purchase on The Op Games’ website.

As One Piece celebrates its 25th anniversary, this collaboration between The Op Games and Hasbro offers fans a unique opportunity to engage with the series in a brand-new way. MONOPOLY®: One Piece Edition brings together the worlds of anime, pop culture, and gaming, delivering an exciting and immersive experience for fans worldwide.

《航海王》的粉丝们现在有了一种新的方式与他们最喜爱的角色互动了。著名棋盘游戏和拼图出版商Op Games推出了全球最受欢迎家庭棋盘游戏经典《大富翁》的全新官方版本——《航海王大富翁》。这一激动人心的合作将Op Games和Hasbro带来的心爱漫画改编成的动画系列以桌面游戏的形式呈现。



“我们很高兴能为粉丝们提供一种与他们所热爱的角色连接的新而冒险性的方式,” Op CEO Dane Chapin说道。这个系列已经播出近25年,成为跨多代人喜欢的一项众人挚爱的特许经营。《航海王大富翁》是对这个经典系列的致敬。

《航海王大富翁》适合8岁及以上的2至6名玩家,玩家们需要组建联盟,收集基于贝里货币的定制游戏货币,并制定策略以赢得胜利。该游戏现在可以在Op Games的网站上购买。

随着《航海王》庆祝其25周年,Op Games和Hasbro之间的这次合作为粉丝们提供了一种与这个系列全新互动的机会。《航海王大富翁》将动画、流行文化和游戏的世界结合在一起,为全球粉丝带来一个令人兴奋和沉浸式的体验。

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