Botany: A Unique Board Game Experience

Amy and Dusty Droz, the creative minds behind Botany, have a remarkable story that could easily be the plot of a movie. Starting off as high school sweethearts, the couple pursued their passion for photography while living on a farm in Northern California. However, like many others, their lives took an unexpected turn when the pandemic hit.

In response to the challenging times, the Droz’s transformed their small vegetable garden into a vast lavender field, which eventually led to the creation of a flower press business. Building on this newfound love for flowers, they came up with the ingenious idea to develop their own board game.

Botany, a game set in the Victorian era, captures the excitement of flower hunting. Players embark on a journey to collect live specimens from different parts of the world, enhance the quality of their gardens, and preserve flowers in their botanical press. As Dusty explains, the game is all about efficiency and strategic decision-making.

What sets Botany apart is its ability to immerse players in a captivating story. Each player draws event cards that introduce hilarious and sometimes outrageous stories inspired by real-life Victorian botanists. Dusty reveals that there were even more bizarre anecdotes they couldn’t include in the game. From sneaking into palaces to steal a yellow rose to spreading seeds with shotguns, the adventures are wild and fascinating.

The game’s art style draws inspiration from antique botanical drawings from the 18th and 19th centuries. Amy, who studied art history in college, played a crucial role in sourcing historical images for the game. The meticulous selection of artwork adds to the game’s aesthetic appeal and creates a sense of nostalgia.

Beyond Botany, the Droz’s have another game in the works called La Fleur. Set in 18th-century Rococo France, this game revolves around collecting flowers and commissioning garden features for a luxurious chateau. With multiple game ideas in their pipeline, Amy and Dusty are undoubtedly bringing more exciting and unique experiences to the tabletop gaming world.

In conclusion, Botany offers players a one-of-a-kind board game experience that combines adventure, strategy, and captivating storytelling. With its stunning artwork and imaginative gameplay, it is sure to appeal to both gaming enthusiasts and flower enthusiasts alike.


1. Botany是什么样的一款游戏?

2. 游戏的故事情节如何?

3. 游戏的艺术风格和设计如何?

4. Botany的创作者还有其他游戏计划吗?
除了Botany,Droz夫妇还在筹划另一款名为La Fleur的游戏。这款游戏以18世纪洛可可时期的法国为背景,玩家们可以收集花朵并为豪华的庄园委托花园特色。Amy和Dusty有许多游戏创意正在酝酿中,他们无疑将为桌面游戏世界带来更多令人兴奋和独特的体验。

5. Botany适合哪些玩家?

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