Warhammer 40k Darktide: From FPS to Board Game

Warhammer 40k Darktide, the intense cooperative first-person shooter set in the dark and dystopian universe of Games Workshop’s tabletop game, is now set to make its debut as a tabletop miniatures game. This new adaptation will take the form of a board game, drawing inspiration from the stripped-down version of the Warhammer 40k Kill Team rules.

The highly popular Warhammer 40k Darktide game, while not featured on PCGamesN’s list of best FPS games, is still regarded as one of the finest portrayals of the grim and war-torn world of the 41st millennium in any medium. In Darktide, players assume the roles of operatives on suicide missions, tasked with battling the relentless forces of Chaos in the industrial depths of Hive Tertium, all under the command of a mysterious Inquisitor.

According to a recent post on the Warhammer Community website, the new Darktide board game will consist of twenty miniatures, including four representing the various player classes from Darktide, as well as fourteen adversaries. These miniatures include existing models such as the Zealot, the Psyker, the Ogryn, the Veteran, and the Poxwalker zombies. The Traitor guardsmen and Poxwalker zombies are derived from respective expansions of the Kill Team tabletop game.

The exact gameplay mechanics of the Darktide board game have not been fully disclosed, although it appears to be a cooperative experience where each player assumes the role of one of the operatives. The game aims to provide new players with a taste of the intense skirmish combat featured in Kill Team, a spin-off game that focuses on small squads engaging in close-quarters battles. This cooperative horde fight against AI-controlled mobs seems to be a fitting match for the world Darktide has created, offering a more comprehensive experience compared to previous attempts, such as ‘Space Marine The Board Game.’

As of now, Games Workshop has not announced the price or specific retailers for the Darktide miniatures game. Typically, Games Workshop distributes similar games through bookstores and mass market retailers, rather than their own stores, and availability may vary by territory.

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Warhammer 40k Darktide是一款紧张激烈的合作射击游戏,设定在Game Workshop的桌上游戏的黑暗乌托邦宇宙中,现在将首次以桌上迷你游戏的形式亮相。这款新适应将采用棋盘游戏的形式,灵感来自Warhammer 40k Kill Team规则的简化版本。

Warhammer 40k Darktide这款广受欢迎的游戏虽然没有被PCGamesN评为最佳FPS游戏之一,但在任何媒体中,它仍被视为最好的对第41千年黑暗和战争世界的描绘之一。在Darktide中,玩家扮演自杀任务上的特工角色,任务是在Hive Tertium的工业深处与不可阻挡的混沌势力作战,一切都在神秘的宗教法官指挥下进行。

根据Warhammer Community网站上的最新文章,新的Darktide桌上游戏将包含20个迷你模型,包括四个代表来自Darktide的不同玩家类别,以及14个对手。这些迷你模型包括现有模型,如狂热者(Zealot),灵能师(Psyker),奥格林(Ogryn),老兵(Veteran)和脓行者僵尸(Poxwalker zombies)。叛变守卫和脓行者僵尸是来自Kill Team桌上游戏的扩展。

Darktide桌上游戏的确切游戏机制尚未完全公开,尽管看起来是一种合作体验,每个玩家扮演一个特工角色。游戏旨在为新玩家提供Kill Team中所特有的激烈小规模战斗的一小段体验,Kill Team是一款专注于小队进行近战交战的衍生游戏。这种合作对抗由AI控制的敌人的战斗似乎非常匹配Darktide所创造的世界,并相比之前的尝试(比如“Space Marine The Board Game”)提供了更全面的体验。

目前为止,Games Workshop还未宣布Darktide迷你游戏的价格或具体的零售商。通常,Games Workshop通过书店和大众市场零售商来发行类似的游戏,而不是通过他们自己的商店,可用性可能因地区而异。

对于更多令人激动的视频游戏改编的桌上游戏,游戏爱好者可以期待即将推出的Halo Flashpoint起始套装,或者探索我们对《辐射阵营》迷你战争游戏的预览。

Some key terms and jargon used in the article are:

1. Warhammer 40k: 战锤40K,Games Workshop制作的一款太空幻想战争桌上游戏。
2. Darktide: 暗潮,Warhammer 40k Darktide游戏的名称。
3. Games Workshop: 游戏车间,一家英国游戏及玩具公司,生产并销售桌上游戏以及与之相关的模型、书籍等。
4. Kill Team: 杀小队,Warhammer 40k的一个衍生游戏,专注于小队进行近战交战。
5. Inquisitor: 宗教法官,Darktide游戏中的神秘角色,指挥玩家的特工任务。
6. Zealot, Psyker, Ogryn, Veteran, Poxwalker zombies: 游戏中不同角色或敌人的名称。

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