The Epic Journey of the Monty Python Board Game

The epic adventure of the Monty Python board game is drawing to a close, with less than 48 hours remaining in the BackerKit campaign. This comedic interpretation of the classic film has already raised an impressive $270,000, and the clock is ticking fast for those who want to join in on the fun.

But fear not, fellow knights! There is still time to ensure that this hilarious board game graces your home and game nights. Every backer who contributes to the project will receive a special meeple playing piece once the campaign surpasses the $275,010 mark. It’s an exciting addition that no fan should miss out on. So, help us spread the word by sharing the BackerKit link with your fellow gamers and let’s hit that milestone!

In just a few days, the campaign will come to an end, and the manufacturing process for this holy grail of a board game will begin. The anticipation is palpable as we prepare to bring this epic adventure to life and deliver it into the eager hands of our backers. Let’s finish strong and make this a truly memorable gaming experience.

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Thank you for your support on this incredible journey. Together, let’s make the Monty Python board game a legendary addition to every game night!

蒙提·派森(Monty Python)桌游的史诗冒险即将结束,BackerKit筹款活动中剩余不到48小时。这个对经典电影的喜剧解读已经筹得了令人印象深刻的27万美元,时钟正迅速滴答作响,对于那些希望加入乐趣的人来说,还有时间。



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非常感谢你们在这个不可思议的旅程中对我们的支持。让我们共同把蒙提·派森(Monty Python)桌游变成每个游戏之夜的传奇之作!