Queen’s Monopoly Board: A Celebration of Diversity and Culture

Monopoly, the classic board game that has entertained generations, is about to embark on a new journey, this time in Queens. This borough, known for its rich diversity, vibrant culture, and iconic landmarks, will be the focus of a special edition of the game.

In a unique twist, the creators of the community Monopoly board games, Top Trumps USA, are seeking input from the public to determine which landmarks, businesses, and organizations should grace the board. The goal is to capture the essence of Queens and showcase its most beloved and recognizable features.

One influential voice in this process is Rob MacKay, the director of the Queens Tourism council. He believes that including the Unisphere, an iconic symbol of Queens, is crucial. “It’s the most recognized image of the borough, and the company agrees with that,” MacKay explains.

Furthermore, MacKay suggests that other significant locations, such as Citi Field, the home of the Mets, and the USDA tennis center, should be part of the board. These landmarks represent Queens’ passion for sports and contribute to its cultural fabric.

The board may also feature the “7” train, which serves as a lifeline for many Queens residents, connecting them to Manhattan and other parts of New York City. Additionally, the Rockaways, renowned for their beautiful beaches, and the Queens Center Mall, a popular shopping destination, could find their place on the board.

This endeavor is not only an opportunity to celebrate Queens but also a chance to make history both for the borough and for Monopoly. By capturing the unique spirit and character of Queens, this special edition promises to be a testimony to the diversity and multiculturalism that define the borough.

To take part in shaping this historic edition of Monopoly, you can contribute your ideas for the board. Visit the provided link and share the landmarks, businesses, or organizations that you believe deserve a spot in the Queen’s Monopoly board. Let’s come together to create a game that truly represents the vibrant tapestry of this incredible borough.


在一个独特的转折中,社区版《大富翁》游戏的创造者Top Trumps USA寻求公众的意见,确定该版游戏应该展现哪些地标、企业和组织。目标是捕捉皇后区的本质,并展示它最受喜爱和最具代表性的特点。

在这个过程中,一个有影响力的声音是皇后区旅游协会的主任Rob MacKay。他认为包括皇后区的标志性象征Unisphere至关重要。MacKay解释说:“这是这个区最被认可的形象,公司也同意这个观点。”