Omaha-Specific Edition of Monopoly Set to Showcase Local Charm

Top Trumps USA, in collaboration with Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert, unveiled an exciting announcement on Friday, March 22, 2024. The Omaha-specific edition of the popular board game, Monopoly, is set to hit the shelves in early November, giving locals and enthusiasts alike a chance to experience the city’s unique charm in a whole new way.

The decision to create an Omaha edition stems from a desire to showcase the city’s rich cultural heritage and landmarks. Sarah Bowman, a sales executive with Top Trumps USA, expressed her excitement, claiming that the Omaha edition of Monopoly will provide players with an opportunity to explore the city’s iconic locations and support local businesses.

The Omaha edition of Monopoly will feature local landmarks as properties on the board, replacing the traditional streets that players are accustomed to. From the historical Old Market to the breathtaking Henry Doorly Zoo, each property represents an integral part of Omaha’s fabric.

Mayor Jean Stothert emphasized the benefits of this collaboration, asserting that the Omaha edition of Monopoly will draw attention to the city’s unique character and encourage people to discover all that Omaha has to offer. This project aims to bolster the local economy by promoting tourism and encouraging residents to take pride in their city.

The release of the Omaha-specific edition of Monopoly is eagerly anticipated by both locals and collectors around the world. The game will be available for purchase at various local retailers as well as online platforms like Amazon, making it accessible to a wide audience.

This venture not only explores the essence of Omaha but also contributes to the promotion and appreciation of local culture. Through the Omaha edition of Monopoly, players can embark on a virtual tour of the city, learning about its history, landmarks, and contributing to entrepreneurship in the local community.

Top Trumps USA与Omaha市市长Jean Stothert合作,在2024年3月22日星期五发布了一项令人兴奋的公告。《大富翁》这款流行的棋盘游戏将推出奥马哈特别版,预计将于11月初上市,使当地居民和爱好者们有机会以全新的方式体验这座城市的独特魅力。

制作奥马哈特别版的决定源于展示这座城市丰富的文化遗产和地标的愿望。Top Trumps USA的销售主管Sarah Bowman表达了她的激动之情,她表示,《大富翁》奥马哈特别版将为玩家提供探索城市标志性地点和支持本地企业的机会。

奥马哈特别版的《大富翁》将把当地的地标作为棋盘上的财产,替代玩家们习惯的传统街道。从历史悠久的Old Market到令人惊叹的Henry Doorly Zoo,每个财产都代表了奥马哈的重要组成部分。

市长Jean Stothert强调了这一合作的好处,她断言,《大富翁》奥马哈特别版将引起人们对这座城市独特性的关注,鼓励人们去发现奥马哈所提供的一切。这个项目旨在通过推广旅游业和鼓励居民为自己的城市感到自豪,来提振当地经济。



– Top Trumps USA:Top Trumps USA是一家游戏公司,该公司与Omaha市市长合作制作了奥马哈特别版的《大富翁》。
– Monopoly:《大富翁》是一款经典的经营棋盘游戏,玩家通过购买和交易地产来获得财富和胜利。

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