North Carolina Community Colleges Embrace Bold Changes with Propel NC Initiative

RALEIGH, N.C., Feb. 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In a landmark decision, the North Carolina State Board of Community Colleges has given its seal of approval to Propel NC, an ambitious initiative aimed at revolutionizing the state’s community college system. With an unwavering focus on meeting the demands of employers and the economy, Propel NC is set to redefine the alignment of the state’s 58 community colleges.

Under this groundbreaking initiative, the funding model will undergo a significant transformation, prioritizing labor-market outcomes and high-demand sectors. Notable among these sectors are advanced manufacturing, healthcare, and information technology, which serve as key drivers of North Carolina’s economic growth and competitiveness.

The unanimous support from the State Board during its February meeting on Friday testifies to the criticality of this new model in supporting the state’s key workforce sectors. Board Chairman, Tom Looney, emphasized that Propel NC represents a dynamic and responsive change, aligning education with the evolving needs of employers and preparing the next generation for in-demand, well-paying jobs. Chairman Looney stressed the urgency of taking immediate action to ensure that the colleges continue to deliver a skilled workforce essential for North Carolina’s sustained economic development.

Unanimous endorsement also came from the presidents of all 58 community colleges, reflecting their collective determination to implement meaningful changes within a system that is vital to the state’s economic prosperity. Dr. Jeff Cox, President of the North Carolina Community College System, emphasized the positive impact of this new model, which incentivizes colleges to provide the workforce talent required for North Carolina to thrive. By allocating more funding to courses leading to credentials or degrees supporting high-demand, high-paying jobs, the model aligns education with industry needs.

Cox further explained that the plan includes additional base funding to empower colleges in meeting the diverse needs of their students, ultimately improving retention and completion rates. President Cox firmly believes that Propel NC marks a significant shift towards an industry-aligned educational approach, ensuring that graduates are well-prepared for success in high-growth fields. According to Cox, this game-changing initiative will benefit students, businesses, industries, and the state’s economic future.

With the plan receiving approval from the State Board, the next step is for the new funding model to be considered by the North Carolina General Assembly during the upcoming short session. This pivotal moment paves the way for a more responsive and relevant community college system that is geared towards meeting the evolving needs of North Carolina’s workforce and securing the state’s economic prosperity.

To learn more about Propel NC, please visit the North Carolina Community College System website.

SOURCE: North Carolina Community College System

RALEIGH,北卡罗来纳州,2024年2月16日/新华社/ – 在一项具有里程碑意义的决定中,北卡罗来纳州社区大学理事会对”Propel NC”表示支持,这是一个旨在改革该州社区大学系统的雄心勃勃的倡议。”Propel NC”坚持不懈地专注于满足雇主和经济的需求,旨在重新定义该州的58所社区大学的定位。


州理事会在2月的周五会议上一致支持这一新模式,证明了这一模式对支持该州关键劳动力部门的重要性。理事会主席汤姆·卢尼强调,”Propel NC”代表了一种动态和应变的变革,将教育与雇主不断发展的需求相结合,为下一代人准备需求旺盛、薪酬优厚的工作岗位。卢尼主席强调了采取即时行动以确保学院继续提供对北卡罗来纳州持续经济发展至关重要的熟练劳动力的紧迫性。


考克斯进一步解释说,计划包括额外的基础资金,赋予学院满足其学生多样化需求的能力,最终提高学生的保留和完成率。考克斯校长坚信,”Propel NC”标志着向与行业相关的教育方法的重大转变,确保毕业生为高增长领域的成功做好充分准备。根据考克斯的说法,这个具有颠覆性的倡议将造福学生、企业、产业和该州的经济未来。


要了解更多关于”Propel NC”的信息,请访问北卡罗来纳州社区大学系统的网站。