East Peoria-Opoly: Celebrating the Charm of East Peoria

After the tremendous success of the Peoria-Opoly game, East Peoria is following suit and joining in on the fun. Introducing the East Peoria-Opoly, a board game that showcases the iconic locations and events that make East Peoria so special. Now available at the East Peoria Walmart on River Road, this game is sure to delight residents and visitors alike.

With a game board featuring beloved landmarks such as the Levee District, the Festival of Lights, and the Fon Du Lac Farm Park, East Peoria-Opoly captures the essence of this charming city. Each location has been meticulously incorporated to offer players a truly authentic experience.

Game Developer Michael Schulte explained that extensive research went into creating the East Peoria-Opoly, just like its predecessor, Peoria-Opoly. By including locations that are deeply meaningful to the community, the game fosters a sense of hometown pride. It’s more than just a Monopoly game; it’s a celebration of East Peoria and all that it represents.

The game is now available for purchase, and demand has been overwhelming. Residents and fans of East Peoria can find the East Peoria-Opoly at the Walmart on River Road, while Peoria-Opoly has been restocked at the Walmart on North Allen Road in Peoria.

Get ready to roll the dice, buy properties, and experience the excitement of East Peoria like never before. East Peoria-Opoly is a unique opportunity to engage with the city in a fun and interactive way. Whether you’re a lifelong resident or a curious visitor, this board game allows you to explore the charm and beauty of East Peoria from the comfort of your own home. Don’t miss out on the chance to own a piece of East Peoria-Opoly and create lasting memories with family and friends.


Q:什么是East Peoria-Opoly?
A:East Peoria-Opoly是一个桌面游戏,展示了使东皮奥里亚特别的标志性地点和活动。

Q:在哪里可以购买East Peoria-Opoly?
A:您可以在East Peoria的River Road上的沃尔玛商店购买East Peoria-Opoly。

Q:East Peoria-Opoly有哪些特色的地标?
A:游戏板上有一些备受欢迎的地标,如Levee District、Festival of Lights和Fon Du Lac Farm Park。

Q:East Peoria-Opoly与普通的Monopoly游戏有什么不同?
A:East Peoria-Opoly不仅是一个Monopoly游戏,更是对东皮奥里亚以及它所代表的一切的庆祝活动。

Q:东皮奥里亚的居民在哪里可以购买East Peoria-Opoly?
A:您可以在东皮奥里亚的River Road上的沃尔玛商店购买East Peoria-Opoly。

1. East Peoria-Opoly:一款桌面游戏,展示了东皮奥里亚的标志性地点和活动。
2. Levee District:东皮奥里亚的一个备受欢迎的地区,有许多商店和餐馆。
3. Festival of Lights:东皮奥里亚的一个著名活动,每年度过圣诞节时会在市中心装饰成灯光秀。
4. Fon Du Lac Farm Park:东皮奥里亚的一个农场公园,提供农场体验和户外活动。