Get Your Catan Board Game at Unbeatable Prices!

If you’re a fan of board games, then you’ve probably heard of Catan. It’s not only one of the most popular beginner board games out there, but it’s also an essential addition to any board game collection. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! And guess what? We’ve found some amazing deals on Amazon that you won’t want to miss.

First up is the core Catan board game itself. Normally priced at $60, you can now get it for just under $44, a discount of 27%! This is an absolute steal for a game that has stood the test of time and continues to be loved by players worldwide.

If you’re already a fan of Catan and want to enhance your gaming experience, consider getting the 5-6 Player Extension. This allows you to expand the board and play with more friends. And right now, it’s available for $27.99, a 15% discount from its regular price of $33.

But the real highlight of these deals is the range of expansions available for Catan. While we recommend these expansions for players who are already familiar with the game, they offer exciting new elements to enhance your gameplay.

One of the most popular expansions, Traders and Barbarians, is currently selling at a staggering 40% discount, priced at $36 and change. This expansion includes various smaller additions that provide new options, materials, and even a two-player mode, perfect for those who enjoy playing games as a duo.

Another fantastic expansion is Explorers and Pirates, which transforms the main game into a grand adventure on multiple islands with extra mechanics and the option to play as pirates. At a discount of 37% off, it’s now available for just $38.

If naval gameplay is your thing, then the Seafarers expansion is a must-have. With a discount of 33%, you can get it for under $40. This expansion allows you to sail away from the main island and explore strategic advantages in the open sea.

While Cities and Knights, known for adding strategic depth to the game, has the lowest discount at 8%, it’s still worth considering for those looking to expand their options.

Unfortunately, the Catan 3D edition and the sci-fi spin-off Catan: Starfarers are not included in this promotion. However, if you’re a fan of Game of Thrones, the A Song of Ice and Fire variant is available at a discount of 24% for $61.

In conclusion, Catan is a timeless classic that every board game enthusiast should have in their collection. With these unbeatable discounts on both the core game and its expansions, now is the perfect time to grab them. Keep an eye out for more exciting board game deals and updates by bookmarking our board games news page and following us on Google News. Happy gaming!







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