Fallout: Factions—A New PvP Experience for Fallout Fans

Modiphius, the UK-based games maker, is now accepting pre-orders for their latest wargame, Fallout: Factions Nuka World. This game takes place in the Nuka World theme park and revolves around gangs of raiders battling for control. What makes this news even more exciting is that the game’s designer, James Hewitt, is renowned for his exceptional work at Games Workshop.

During his time at Games Workshop, Hewitt was responsible for designing numerous miniature wargames and board games. One of his notable achievements was the creation of the popular Horus Heresy board game, Betrayal at Calth. Additionally, he revitalized the Warhammer Quest dungeon crawler line with Silver Tower and introduced the intense arena combat game, Gorechosen.

Nevertheless, one of his standout accomplishments is the revival of the classic gang-fight wargame, Necromunda. This game, set in the Warhammer 40k universe, features scrappy gangs fighting within the industrial ruins of the underhive. While Hewitt finalized the game design within a tight deadline, the game has garnered immense popularity and continues to receive ongoing support.

The experience gained from designing Necromunda has allowed Hewitt to create another sci-fi skirmish wargame—Fallout: Factions Nuka World. Set in the Fallout universe, this game focuses on three factions of raiders: the stylish Operators, the animalistic Pack, and the cruel Disciples.

Unlike its predecessor, Fallout: Factions offers a tighter and more focused PvP experience, employing simplified mechanics and minimal components. It also introduces a linked narrative arc that promises an engaging campaign experience for players. The game comes with starter sets that include 10 miniatures for both the Operators and the Pack, along with push-together cardboard terrain.

Fans of the Fallout: Wasteland Warfare miniature game will be pleased to know that their collections are compatible with Fallout: Factions. This includes the stunningly designed miniatures and the impressive range of terrain options available, such as the Red Rocket gas station and Nuka Cola vending machines.

As fans eagerly await the release, Modiphius has already made free starter rules available for download on DriveThruRPG. Bristling with excitement, we at Wargamer eagerly anticipate the release of Fallout: Factions and eagerly hope that Hewitt will be given the opportunity to bring his game design prowess to the Skyrim license in the future.

Modiphius,这家位于英国的游戏制造商,现在接受他们最新战争游戏《辐射:洛卡世界》的预订。这款游戏发生在洛卡世界主题公园,围绕着团伙间的战斗争夺控制权。令人更兴奋的是,这款游戏的设计师詹姆斯·休伊特是由于他在Games Workshop的杰出工作而闻名。

在Games Workshop期间,休伊特负责设计了许多微缩战争游戏和桌面游戏。他的一个显著成就是创作了受欢迎的《背叛卡尔斯大会》的Horus Heresy桌游。此外,他还通过《银塔》恢复了Warhammer Quest地牢探险系列,并引入了紧张刺激的竞技场战斗游戏《Gorechosen》。

然而,他最引人注目的成就之一是复兴经典团伙战斗战争游戏《死城》。这款游戏设定在Warhammer 40k宇宙中,讲述了在城市废墟中进行激烈战斗的团伙。虽然休伊特在紧迫的时限内完成了游戏设计,但这款游戏却广受欢迎,并且持续得到支持。







A:詹姆斯·休伊特是一位著名的游戏设计师,以在Games Workshop的杰出工作而闻名。



1. Wargame(战争游戏):一种以规则和模拟为基础,模拟军事战争的桌面游戏。
2. Raiders(掠夺者):指游戏中的团伙,他们通过掠夺和暴力行为来求生。
3. PvP(玩家对玩家):指玩家与玩家之间的对战。
4. Starter sets(起始套装):指游戏中的起始套装,通常包含入门所需的基本组件。


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