Exploring the World of Board Games at Pieces Cafe in Soulard

Scott Jagow, the host of Roaming St. Louis segment on KMOX, recently took a trip to Soulard to visit Pieces, a popular cafe that caters to board game enthusiasts. What sets Pieces apart is its impressive collection of over 1,200 games, making it a haven for game lovers of all ages.

During his visit, Scott sat down with Mari Williams, the general manager of Pieces, to delve deep into the fascinating world of board games. Instead of relying on direct quotes, let’s paint a picture of their conversation. They explored the diverse array of games available at the cafe, ranging from classics to modern creations, including locally developed games from St. Louis.

While enjoying a meal or a drink from the full menu and bar offered at Pieces, visitors can indulge in hours of gameplay. It’s a one-game-per-table policy, but once a game is finished, patrons are free to select a new one from the extensive collection. This allows for endless exploration and excitement as players dive into different game experiences.

Not only does Pieces offer a multitude of board games, but it also caters to various dietary preferences. The cafe boasts a vegan bakery, ensuring that all visitors can find something delicious to enjoy while immersing themselves in the world of games.

Board games have come a long way, becoming a social activity that brings people together. At Pieces, Mari and her team have created a space where gamers can connect, have fun, and discover new games. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the world of board games, Pieces in Soulard is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to have a memorable gaming experience.

斯科特·贾戈(Scott Jagow)是KMOX电台《漫游圣路易斯》节目的主持人,最近他去了Soulard地区参观了一家名为Pieces的受欢迎咖啡馆,该咖啡馆专门为桌游爱好者提供服务。Pieces的独特之处在于它拥有超过1,200款游戏的强大收藏,使得它成为了各个年龄段游戏爱好者的天堂。

在访问过程中,Scott与Pieces的总经理Mari Williams进行了深入的对话,探索了桌游的迷人世界。我们将通过描述他们的对话内容来了解更多。他们探讨了咖啡馆提供的各种游戏,既有经典游戏,也有现代创作,还包括了圣路易斯本地研发的游戏。




1. Pieces: Pieces是一家位于Soulard地区的咖啡馆,专门为桌游爱好者提供服务。
2. Board games: 桌游,一种需要棋盘、棋子、规则等要素才能进行的游戏。
3. Game lovers: 游戏爱好者,喜欢玩各种类型游戏的人。
4. Locally developed games: 地方研发的游戏,指在St. Louis本地研发的游戏。
5. Vegan bakery: 纯素烘焙坊,提供纯素食品的烘焙店。

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