Valheim Board Game: A Norse-Inspired Adventure on the Tabletop

Valheim, the popular survival game of 2021, is expanding its reach beyond digital screens with an upcoming board game adaptation. This exciting new project, developed by MOOD Publishing, is set to bring the Norse-inspired world of Valheim to life in a cooperative tabletop experience for one to four players.

Drawing inspiration from the video game, the Valheim board game will challenge players to navigate a treacherous environment filled with both natural hazards and fearsome monsters. Like its digital counterpart, teamwork and resource gathering will be key to surviving and thriving in this hostile setting.

Renowned board game designer Ole Steiness, known for his work on Deep Rock Galactic, is leading the development of the Valheim board game. With “hundreds of hours” of experience playing Valheim, Steiness aims to capture the essence of the video game in this tabletop adaptation.

While specific gameplay details are yet to be revealed, it appears that the Valheim board game will feature two distinct phases. The crafting stage will task players with exploring diverse biomes, collecting materials, and upgrading their weapons, tools, and base. Once prepared, players will face off against formidable bosses in intense arena battles.

To enhance immersion, MOOD Publishing is creating a range of figurines and artwork for the Valheim board game. Players can expect finely crafted miniatures, including a viking longhouse representing their settlements. Early glimpses of the game reveal the intricate attention to detail put into even the monster miniatures.

The announcement of the Valheim board game further adds to the growing trend of survival video games being adapted into tabletop experiences. Joining the ranks of titles like the Don’t Starve board game, this melding of mediums offers players a new way to enjoy their favorite digital worlds.

For board game enthusiasts looking for immersive experiences and strategic gameplay, the Valheim board game promises to deliver an exciting adventure set in a Norse-inspired realm. Keep an eye on Gamefound for the upcoming crowdfunding campaign, as fans eagerly await the chance to embark on this tabletop journey.

【游戏新闻】热门游戏《瓦尔海姆》即将推出桌游适配版!这个由MOOD Publishing开发的令人兴奋的新项目将把《瓦尔海姆》的北欧世界搬到了合作桌面体验中,适合1至4位玩家。


享有声望的桌游设计师Ole Steiness将负责开发《瓦尔海姆》桌游,他还因在《深渊行动》中的工作而闻名。凭借对《瓦尔海姆》的“数百小时”游玩经验,Steiness的目标是在这个桌面适配版中捕捉到视频游戏的精髓。


为了增强沉浸感,MOOD Publishing为《瓦尔海姆》桌游创建了一系列的人物模型和艺术作品。玩家们可以期待精心制作的模型,包括代表他们定居点的维京长屋。游戏的早期预览展示了甚至怪物模型上投入的精细细节。




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Gamefound:Valheim board game的众筹活动将在Gamefound上进行。