The CW to Introduce New Game Shows Based on Classic Board Games

The CW network has recently sealed deals to bring game show adaptations of the iconic board games “Trivial Pursuit” and “Scrabble” to television screens. Collaborating with Hasbro Entertainment, The CW and Lionsgate Alternative Television will be in charge of the production, with Mattel Television Studios also joining the production of “Scrabble.”

While rumors have circulated about potential hosts for these game shows, no official announcements have been made yet. The CW has declined to comment on the matter.

In the past, there were reports that LeVar Burton would be hosting and executive producing a game show based on “Trivial Pursuit,” which was originally in development at Entertainment One (eOne), a company that was owned by Hasbro at the time. However, in August of the previous year, eOne was sold to Lionsgate for around $500 million.

Hasbro remains committed to the entertainment industry, with CEO Chris Cocks stating that entertainment will continue to be a priority for the company. Hasbro aims to create new original content based on their extensive collection of brands, while also exploring partnerships and licensing opportunities for future live action entertainment.

In alignment with this goal, Hasbro launched Hasbro Entertainment, a division that brings together the company’s film, television, animation, and digital media businesses.

Fans of “Trivial Pursuit” and “Scrabble” can expect an official announcement from The CW in the near future regarding these highly anticipated game show adaptations.

CW网最近与Hasbro Entertainment达成协议,将知名桌游“知识问答”和“拼字游戏”带到电视屏幕上。在The CW和Lionsgate Alternative Television的制作中,Mattel Television Studios也加入了“拼字游戏”的制作。

虽然关于这些游戏节目潜在主持人的传闻不胫而走,但尚未发布官方公告。The CW拒绝对此事发表评论。

过去有报道称,LeVar Burton将主持并执行制作一档基于“知识问答”的游戏节目,该节目最初由时代娱乐公司(eOne)开发,当时该公司由Hasbro所有。然而,在去年八月,eOne以大约5亿美元的价格被Lionsgate收购。

Hasbro仍致力于娱乐业务,首席执行官Chris Cocks表示娱乐将继续成为该公司的重点。Hasbro希望基于其庞大的品牌系列,创作新的原创内容,并探索未来实况娱乐的合作伙伴关系和授权机会。

为了实现这一目标,Hasbro发布了Hasbro Entertainment部门,将公司的电影、电视、动画和数字媒体业务整合在一起。

《知识问答》和《拼字游戏》的粉丝可以期待The CW在不久的将来发布关于这些备受期待的游戏节目改编的官方公告。

1. Trivial Pursuit – 知识问答游戏,一种测试玩家在各种主题领域的知识的桌面游戏。
2. Scrabble – 拼字游戏,一种用字母拼成单词的桌面游戏。