The CW Expands Game Show Offerings with Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit Adaptations

The CW is stepping into the game show arena with two new shows based on beloved board games. In an exciting development, the network has recently closed deals for game show adaptations of Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit. While both shows have been in the works for some time, an official announcement from The CW is expected to be made soon.

These thrilling game show adaptations are a collaborative effort between Hasbro Entertainment, Lionsgate Alternative Entertainment, and The CW. Scrabble, in particular, is also being produced by Mattel Television Studios. Although there are no confirmed hosts for either project at the moment, there were previous reports linking LeVar Burton to the Trivial Pursuit adaptation.

This marks another addition to The CW’s unscripted lineup, under the leadership of Heather Olander, the network’s reality chief. Olander expressed her intention to launch a game show with established intellectual property, and the adaptations of Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit perfectly fit the bill.

It’s worth noting that both board games have seen screen adaptations in the past. The Family Channel and a syndicated version featured Trivial Pursuit in the early ’90s and late 2000s, respectively. Similarly, NBC aired Scrabble from 1984 to 1990, followed by a revamped version on The Hub in 2011.

With these new ventures, The CW expands its already diverse range of unscripted programming. Alongside popular shows like Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Penn & Teller: Fool Us, and Masters of Illusion, viewers can now anticipate the exciting challenges and competition presented by Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit adaptations. Stay tuned for updates on the hosts and premiere dates of these exciting game shows from The CW.

CW正在推出两个基于深受喜爱的桌游的新游戏节目。令人兴奋的是,该网络公司最近已经与Hasbro Entertainment、Lionsgate Alternative Entertainment和CW达成协议,推出了《纳斯摩斯》和《谜题追追追》的游戏节目改编版。虽然这两个节目已经在准备中一段时间,但CW方面很快将会有正式公告。

这些激动人心的游戏节目改编版是Hasbro Entertainment、Lionsgate Alternative Entertainment和CW的合作努力。特别值得一提的是,《纳斯摩斯》还由Mattel Television Studios制作。目前虽然尚未确定两个节目的主持人,但之前有报道将LeVar Burton与《谜题追追追》改编版联系在一起。

这是CW无剧本节目阵容的又一新成员,由该网络公司的真人秀主管Heather Olander领导。Olander表示她打算推出一档具有商标知识产权的游戏节目,《纳斯摩斯》和《谜题追追追》的改编版完美契合这一愿望。

值得注意的是,这两个桌游在过去也曾被改编成电视节目。Family Channel和一个辛迪加版本分别于90年代初和2000年代末推出了《谜题追追追》电视节目。同样,NBC从1984年到1990年播出了《纳斯摩斯》,之后在2011年在The Hub上推出了一部改版版本。


– Hasbro Entertainment:孩之宝娱乐公司,知名玩具公司。
– Lionsgate Alternative Entertainment:Lionsgate另类娱乐公司,Lionsgate的子公司,专门负责制作非剧本类电视节目。
– Trivial Pursuit:《谜题追追追》,一款基于知识问答的桌游。
– Mattel Television Studios:Mattel电视工作室,Mattel公司的电视制片部门。
– LeVar Burton:利瓦尔·伯顿,美国演员和导演,也是电视主持人。
– Heather Olander:海瑟·奥兰德,CW的真人秀主管。