Talisman: Digital Edition and DLC Packs at Unbeatable Prices on Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle is currently offering an incredible deal on Talisman: Digital Edition and all its DLC packs. Developed by Games Workshop, the creator of Warhammer, this popular digital board game is a must-have for fantasy enthusiasts. With this new deal, you can enjoy unprecedented value for your money.

The bundle includes not only the base pack of Talisman: Digital Edition, which is available as a free PC game, but also the solo adaptation, Talisman Origins, and all 52 DLC additions for both games. And the best part? Each DLC pack is priced at a mere $0.19. In total, you’ll be paying just $10 for content that would typically cost $162.

At its core, Talisman is a game where you embark on a journey to obtain the coveted Crown of Command. While the base game offers a relatively simple experience, the DLC expansions introduce new events, maps, and character types, providing an immense amount of variety. If you’re familiar with the rich lore and worldbuilding of Warhammer games, you’ll be delighted by what Talisman has to offer.

But hurry! The Talisman: The Complete Collection Returns bundle is only available until Friday, June 7, 2024. Don’t miss the opportunity to add this remarkable collection to your library. Additionally, by purchasing through Humble Bundle, you’ll be supporting buildOn, a charity dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty and illiteracy through service and education.

While physical board games certainly have their charm, digital versions like Talisman offer unparalleled convenience. No longer will you need to worry about storage space, finding a large table, or gathering friends who live nearby to play.

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【Humble Bundle推出Talisman:数码版的特惠套装】
Humble Bundle目前在Talisman:数码版及其所有DLC包上提供了一项难以置信的交易。由Warhammer开发的这款受欢迎的数码桌游绝对是幻想爱好者的必备之选。通过这个新交易,您可以享受超值的购买体验。

该套装不仅包括了Talisman:数码版的基础包,这个游戏在PC上可以免费玩,还包括了单人适配版Talisman Origins以及这两款游戏的全部52个DLC附加内容。而最棒的是?每个DLC包只需要$0.19。总共只需要支付$10,而通常情况下这些内容将花费$162。


但要赶快行动哦!Talisman:The Complete Collection Returns套装将只在2024年6月7日星期五之前提供。不要错过将这个非凡的套装加入您的游戏库的机会。此外,通过Humble Bundle购买,您还将支持buildOn慈善机构,该机构致力于通过服务和教育打破贫困和文盲的循环。


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【Key Terms and Jargon】

1. Humble Bundle – 一个数字游戏销售平台,提供游戏、电子书和音乐等各种数字内容的特惠套装。
2. Talisman: Digital Edition – Talisman的数字版游戏,一款由Warhammer的创造者Games Workshop开发的流行数字桌游。
3. DLC – Downloadable Content的缩写,指的是游戏中可下载的额外内容。
4. PC game – 个人电脑游戏,指在个人电脑上玩的游戏。
5. Lore – 指的是游戏或故事中的背景故事、传说和历史。
6. Worldbuilding – 创造虚构世界的过程,包括地理、历史、宗教、文化等方面。
7. BuildOn – 一个致力于通过服务和教育打破贫困和文盲循环的慈善机构。
8. Dungeons and Dragons (DnD) – 一款非常受欢迎的桌游,玩家扮演角色在一个奇幻世界中进行冒险。
9. Google News – 谷歌新闻,提供新闻和新闻更新的服务。
10. PCGN Deals Finder – 用于追踪最新特惠信息的PCGN Deals Finder应用程序。

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