Queens Gets Its Own Edition of Monopoly

The board game classic Monopoly is getting a Queens edition this fall, thanks to a collaboration between entertainment giant Top Trumps USA and toy company Hasbro. The new Monopoly: Queens Edition will replace the famous Atlantic City squares with iconic landmarks, businesses, and non-profits from the borough. To ensure an accurate portrayal of Queens, the two companies are seeking input from residents and local businesses.

Members of the public and businesses are invited to submit their nominations for their favorite locations in Queens through the Monopoly Queens submissions page. The deadline for submissions is March 15, and the official board game will be released in the fall. The earlier submissions are made, the higher the chance of their favorite spots being featured in the game.

Monopoly has been a beloved classic since its launch in 1935, enjoyed by over a billion players in 114 countries. The game remains virtually unchanged in gameplay, with iconic tokens like the Racecar and Top Hat. The Queens edition will also include customized Community Chest and Chance playing cards, Monopoly money, and property deeds.

By creating a Queens edition of Monopoly, Top Trumps USA and Hasbro aim to capture the true essence of the borough and pay homage to its diverse culture and vibrant history. The game is an opportunity to showcase Queens’ landmarks, businesses, organizations, and attractions, as well as its status as the most diverse county in the world.

Queens residents and tourists are encouraged to participate in shaping the new board game by recommending their favorite spots. From historic staples to little hole-in-the-wall spots, everyone’s input is valuable in creating a game made by and for the people of Queens. Monopoly: Queens Edition will not only be a fun game for families but also a celebration of the borough’s unique community and everything it has to offer.

摘要:著名桌游经典《大富翁》将于今年秋天推出“皇后区版”,由娱乐巨头Top Trumps USA和玩具公司Hasbro合作推出。这个新版的《大富翁:皇后区版》将以皇后区的标志性地标、企业和非营利组织取代了著名的大西洋城广场。为了确保对皇后区进行准确的描绘,这两家公司正在征求居民和当地企业的意见和建议。



Top Trumps USA和Hasbro通过创建《大富翁:皇后区版》,旨在捕捉这个区域真实的本质,并向其多元文化和充满活力的历史致敬。这个游戏是一个展示皇后区地标、企业、组织和景点的机会,同时也是一个展示皇后区作为世界上最多样化的县的机会。



1. 什么是《大富翁:皇后区版》?

2. 《大富翁:皇后区版》什么时候发布?

3. 我可以如何参与这个游戏的创作?

4. 提交的截止日期是什么时候?

5. 为什么要征求居民和企业的意见?

6. 这个游戏的玩法有什么变化吗?

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