Old Spice Launches Twister: A Unique Twist to a Classic Game

Old Spice, the renowned brand known for its distinctive scents and personal care products, is taking a classic game to a whole new level with the launch of Twister Old Spice Total Body Edition. This exciting collaboration brings a refreshing twist to the well-loved game while celebrating the essence of body care.

Inspired by the idea of embracing physical activity and self-care, Old Spice has introduced this limited-edition board game exclusively on the NTWRK platform. The Twister Old Spice Total Body Edition promises an unforgettable experience for players.

To commemorate this special release, Old Spice has partnered with Boban Marjanovic, an NBA star who not only excels on the basketball court but also demonstrates exceptional skills in the Twisterverse. Marjanovic brings his unique flair and energy to the campaign, further enhancing the excitement and appeal of the game.

The launch event commenced on May 30 with a live drawing, and participants had the opportunity to enter until June 6. The winners will be announced on June 7 through the NTWRK app. Ten lucky individuals will have the chance to own this exclusive edition of Twister, courtesy of Old Spice.

In addition to this collaboration, Old Spice’s Total Body Deodorant lineup, which includes dermatologist-tested and aluminum-free products, complements the Twister Old Spice Total Body Edition perfectly. With options like the Total Body Spray, Total Body Cream, and Total Body Stick, individuals can select from an array of scents and unscented varieties to suit their personal preferences.

Get ready to dive into a whole new realm of excitement and self-care with Twister Old Spice Total Body Edition. Stay tuned for the winners’ announcement and embrace the refreshing twist brought to you by Old Spice.

Old Spice(老香料),这个以其独特香气和个人护理产品而闻名的知名品牌,通过推出《扭扭乐老香料全身版》将一个经典游戏提升到一个全新的层次。这次令人兴奋的合作给深受喜爱的游戏带来了一种焕然一新的感觉,同时庆祝了身体护理的精髓。

受到拥抱体育活动和自我关爱的理念的启发,Old Spice在NTWRK平台上独家推出了这款限量版桌游。《扭扭乐老香料全身版》承诺为玩家带来难以忘怀的体验。

为了纪念这一特别发布,Old Spice与NBA球星Boban Marjanovic合作,他不仅在篮球场上表现出色,还在《扭扭乐》世界展现出非凡的技能。Marjanovic给这个活动带来了他独特的风格和活力,进一步增强了游戏的刺激和吸引力。

发布活动于5月30日开始,通过现场抽奖的方式进行,参与者有机会在6月6日前进入。获奖者将通过NTWRK应用程序于6月7日公布。10位幸运的人将有机会拥有这个Old Spice送出的独家版《扭扭乐》。

除了这次合作,Old Spice的全身去味剂系列完美地补充了《扭扭乐老香料全身版》。该系列包括经过皮肤科医生测试和无铝产品,提供了全身喷雾、全身乳霜和全身膏等多种选择,可根据个人喜好选择香味和无香味产品。

准备好享受全新的激动和自我关怀的新境界,与《扭扭乐老香料全身版》一起。等待获奖者的公布,并感受Old Spice为您带来的焕然一新的感觉。

Key terms/definitions:
– Twister Old Spice Total Body Edition: 扭扭乐老香料全身版
– NTWRK platform: NTWRK平台
– limited-edition: 限量版
– NBA: 美国职业篮球联赛
– dermatologist-tested: 经皮肤科医生测试的
– aluminum-free: 无铝

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