Invincible: The Hero-Building Game: Rise as the Last Line of Defense

Skybound Games has announced their newest tabletop title, Invincible: The Hero-Building Game, set to be released in July. The game takes inspiration from the Invincible comics and TV series and offers players the chance to engage in story-driven co-op battles with a unique and innovative combat system.

In this game, players will take on the role of a team of teenage superheroes who are still trying to figure out their powers. As the Guardians of the Globe meet their demise, the fate of the world falls into the hands of these young heroes. With the clock ticking, they must quickly learn new moves and strategies to save innocent civilians, defeat villains, and survive long enough to graduate.

Invincible: The Hero-Building Game features a bag-building mechanic and a free-form combat system that ensures players never have to wait their turn. The game offers seven replayable episodes, each with its own twists and challenges. With countless super-powered combinations and strategies to explore, players will have the freedom to choose what kind of hero they want to be.

Developed by Dire Wolf Digital, known for their critically acclaimed games like Dune: Imperium and Clank!, Invincible: The Hero-Building Game promises fast-paced, strategic battles that keep players on their toes. The game offers a fusion of push-your-luck combat and tableau-building, allowing players to unlock unique combinations of superpowers and devise their own winning strategies.

In conclusion, Invincible: The Hero-Building Game is a thrilling and immersive experience that brings the world of Invincible to the tabletop. Get ready to embrace your inner hero and protect the world from imminent danger when the game releases this summer.

Skybound Games宣布他们的最新桌面游戏《Invincible:英雄建设者游戏》将于7月发布。该游戏以《Invincible》漫画和电视系列为灵感,为玩家提供了参与以故事为驱动的合作战斗的机会,该游戏具有独特而创新的战斗系统。



《Invincible:英雄建设者游戏》由Dire Wolf Digital开发,该公司以其备受好评的游戏《Dune:帝国篡夺》和《Clank!》而闻名。游戏承诺快节奏、战略性的战斗,让玩家保持警觉。游戏提供了一种将冒险战斗与图表构建相融合的方式,让玩家可以解锁独特的超能力组合并构思自己的获胜策略。


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