Discover the Joy of Area Control with Sequoia

Are you looking for a thrilling and fast-paced area control game that is both easy to learn and incredibly enjoyable to play? Look no further than Sequoia. Designed by Chad DeShon and part of Allplay’s small box series, this game will take you on a journey of building the tallest trees in eleven forests.

The first thing you’ll notice about Sequoia is its compact size. The box is small and portable, measuring under five inches wide and five inches tall. Inside, you’ll find 11 beautifully illustrated forest cards, along with 11 first place tokens, 11 second place tokens, 25 dice in five different colors, and 100 tree tokens in five vibrant colors. The quality of the components is impeccable, and the unique shapes and designs of the tree tokens add to the overall aesthetic appeal of the game.

One of the standout features of Sequoia is its fast-paced gameplay. With only ten turns, players must strategically decide where to grow their trees. Each turn, you roll five dice and select four of them to form two pairs. Simultaneously, players announce which forest they will be growing their trees in. The competition is intense, as the tallest tree in each forest earns the coveted first place token, while the second tallest receives the second place token.

Sequoia offers a perfect balance between simplicity and strategic depth. The game can be played in just ten to fifteen minutes, making it an ideal choice for both beginners and experienced board gamers alike. The compact nature of the game also means that it can be easily played on any small table or flat surface.

In addition to the base game, Allplay has introduced an expansion that adds a sixth player option and introduces negative value tokens, which completely changes the game dynamics. Players must now strategize to avoid having the fewest forests to earn negative value tokens.

Sequoia is an absolute delight that will leave you wanting more. Whether you’re playing with friends or taking it to game nights, Sequoia is guaranteed to provide hours of entertainment. Don’t miss out on this fantastic area control game that combines simplicity with strategic gameplay. Get your copy of Sequoia today from Allplay or your local friendly game store.

寻找一款刺激且快节奏的领地控制游戏,易于学习且乐趣非凡吗?那就选择Sequoia吧。设计师Chad DeShon创作并且是Allplay的小盒游戏系列之一,这款游戏将带你进入建造十一个森林中最高树木的旅程。






– Area control game (领地控制游戏): A type of board game in which players compete to gain control over a specific territory or area by strategically placing their pieces or tokens.
– Small box series (小盒游戏系列): A collection of board games that come in small-sized boxes, typically designed to be portable and easy to carry.
– First place tokens (第一名徽章): Tokens or markers awarded to the player who has the tallest tree in a specific forest or area.
– Second place tokens (第二名徽章): Tokens or markers awarded to the player who has the second tallest tree in a specific forest or area.
– Negative value tokens (负值代币): Tokens or markers that have a negative point value, used to introduce new gameplay dynamics and strategies in the expansion of Sequoia.

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