Chronicles of Light: Darkness Falls Introduces a Collaborative Adventure

Starting with a beautiful stained glass motif, Chronicles of Light: Darkness Falls is a new board game that brings together beloved Disney heroines in a cooperative adventure. In this game, players are tasked with banishing shadows and closing a Vortex that threatens to overtake the Realm of Light.

The game features stunning artwork and miniatures that represent the heroines, adding to the charm of the overall design. Each character has their own unique objective, and players must work together to complete quests, eliminate Shadow enemies, and ultimately close the Vortex. However, if they fail or take too long, the game comes to an end.

One notable aspect of Chronicles of Light: Darkness Falls is the attention to detail in the physical components. Each character has tokens related to their quests, which adds to their individuality and makes them feel distinct from one another. The game also includes color-coded baggies for convenient storage, which is a thoughtful addition for those who like to keep their games organized.

Collaboration is crucial in this game, as players have limited actions per round and a set number of turns to achieve their objectives. Each character has their own set of abilities and actions, which adds depth to the gameplay. The ability to reroll dice and team up with allies provides strategic opportunities for overcoming challenges.

While the game offers a cooperative experience, there is still a level of risk involved. Players must battle Shadows and deplete their health in a single encounter to progress. This aspect of the game could benefit from further refinement, particularly in two-player games.

Overall, Chronicles of Light: Darkness Falls offers an immersive and collaborative adventure for Disney fans. Its engaging gameplay, stunning art, and attention to detail make it a standout addition to the world of Disney board games. Get ready to join forces with your favorite heroines and save the Realm of Light!

Chronicles of Light: Darkness Falls是一款全新的桌游,以精美的彩色玻璃花窗为初始图案,将深受喜爱的迪士尼女主角呈现在一个合作冒险中。在这个游戏中,玩家的任务是驱散阴影,关闭威胁到光明领域的漩涡。







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5. 游戏有哪些风险和挑战?

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