Asmodee Sees 7% Net Sales Growth, Fueled by Trading Card Games

Asmodee, a leading publisher and distributor of board games, has reported a year-on-year net sales growth of 7% according to a recent financial report by its parent company. While the company experienced slightly negative growth in the board games segment, it saw significant success in trading card games.

Known for its popular board game titles such as Ticket to Ride: Legacy and Star Wars: The Deckbuilding Game, Asmodee’s diverse portfolio caters to a wide range of gaming enthusiasts. From classic games like Catan to the widely acclaimed Pandemic, Asmodee continues to captivate players with its engaging and immersive game offerings.

While Asmodee is not commonly associated with trading card games, it stands as a prominent distributor of various renowned trading card game brands outside of the United States. Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, YuGiOh, Flesh and Blood, and even Disney Lorcana are among the successful TCGs distributed by Asmodee in international markets.

Embracer Group, Asmodee’s parent company, reported net sales of approximately $423 million for the Tabletop Games segment in its third quarter. Despite a decline in board game profits, the segment achieved 1% organic growth overall. Notably, Asmodee’s growth in Europe outpaced that in the United States, which may be attributed to the thriving trading card game market in the region.

Tabletop Games proved to be the highest performing segment in terms of net sales for Embracer in Q3. However, the overall growth for the company was lower due to a lighter release schedule and a focus on profitability within the PC/Console and Mobile segments. Embracer is currently undergoing a divestment process to reduce debt, although it acknowledges the challenge of meeting its restructuring program targets.

For more details, refer to Embracer’s comprehensive report. Stay updated on the latest business news, including Hasbro’s prediction of a revenue slump for Wizards of the Coast in 2024. Additionally, follow us on Google News to stay connected with the exciting world of board games.



虽然Asmodee并不常与交易卡牌游戏联系在一起,但它是美国以外地区多个知名交易卡牌游戏品牌的重要经销商。Magic: The Gathering、宝可梦、游戏王、血肉和血、甚至迪士尼卡牌游戏都是Asmodee在国际市场上成功经销的交易卡牌游戏。

Asmodee的母公司Embracer Group报告称,其第三季度桌面游戏业务的净销售额约为4.23亿美元。尽管棋盘游戏利润有所下降,但该业务段整体实现了1%的有机增长。值得注意的是,Asmodee在欧洲的增长超过了美国,这可能归因于该地区繁荣的交易卡牌游戏市场。


获取更多详细信息,请参阅Embracer的全面报告。了解最新的商业新闻,包括Hasbro对2024年Wizards of the Coast收入下滑的预测。此外,关注我们的Google新闻,以保持与棋盘游戏世界的紧密联系。